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It has only been flying for less than two years but already ranks among Germany’s most successful airfreight businesses: last year, ACG Air Cargo Germany GmbH moved over 90,000 t and, with a share of 40% of the total air cargo volume, is the market leader at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. The target for the current year is 140,000 t – a step towards further expanding its leading position. The company is not focused on its own growth, however. Its primary goal is to create added value for the customer.

ACG is based at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, one of the fastest-evolving airports and the fifth-largest freight airport in Germany. The privately owned airline was founded in 2008; the first flight was completed in July 2009. Since then, the air cargo specialist, which aims to create added value for its customers through both scheduled and charter flights, has developed at a rapid pace.

“Today, we are the leading airfreight company at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport,” explains CEO Michael Bock who had worked for LTU for 22 years before setting up his own company. Until the middle of 2010, ACG had only had two freighters. The current fleet is composed of four planes: two Boeing B747-400SF (Special Freighter) and two Boeing B747-400BCF (Boeing Converted Freighter), offering twice the transport capacity of 440 t.

Thanks to persistently high demand for forwarding services, ACG is planning to further expand its aircraft fleet. “Number five and six shall still be purchased this year,” states Mr. Bock. “This will enable us to offer additional flights to Africa and Asia as well as services to South America.”

ACG is particularly successful in concluding Block Space Agreements with its customers, i.e. the sale of fixed quotas. “These agreements result in improved planning of our transport capacities without the free sale and a high basic utilisation which is already at 70% for the current year,” explains Mr. Bock.

From Germany, ACG primarily forwards machinery, equipment and cars, including racing cars. To Germany, the company imports textiles, electronics and solar modules from Asia and vegetables, fruits and other fresh produce, for instance from Africa. At present, ACG operates six flights aweek to Shanghai and Hong Kong. Recently, services to Johannesburg, South Africa, have been added to the schedule.

“Altogether,we operate 14 flights a week,” says Mr. Bock. Besides scheduled flights, ACG offers charter services to destinations across the globe. The success of the company is based on the many years of experience of its founders in the aviation industry, the lean organisation with low costs and – as a result – competitive prices and the location at Frankfurt-Hahn. “Hahn is ideal,” states Mr. Bock. “The airport is open round the clock and provides excellent loading, taking-off and landing support.”

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