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Worldwide, around 70% of all motorways are owned by the states. Yet, due to increasing demands concerning maintenance and services, there is a strong trend towards privatisation and to handing over the operation to private service companies. Egis Projects from Saint-Quentinen- Yvelines in France is one of the world´s biggest independent motorway operators. Offering an innovative portfolio of value-added services and products, the company keeps expanding its reach across the globe.

Egis Projects is a subsidiary of the Egis Group. The group offers engineering services for the transport sector, cities, buildings, the water industry, for clients from the environment and energy sector and for motorways and airports.

Within the group, Egis Projects is responsible for the development of infrastructure projects and the operation of motorways. Altogether, the company operates around 2,000 km of motorways in Hungary, Australia, Ireland, France, Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Greece and Germany.

With Easytrip, the innovative company introduced a service for toll motorway users by facilitating the payment of electronic tolls in 2004. “In the coming years, we are going to refine this business model,” says the CEO. “Our customers are demanding more and more added value services, such as information on traffic and insurances.”

At present, the biggest activity in this sector is in Ireland, which started with the Information Exchange Agent project for the National Roads Authority, which acts as a clearing house on behalf of the Irish motorways with electronic toll collection systems. Today, the users may drive through and do not have to stop to pay toll as all toll payments are centralised into one accounting system operated by Easytrip.

The Egis Group expanded significantly in 2011 through the merger of Egis and Iosis. While Egis as an engineering company used to specialise in infrastructure projects, Iosis concentrated on the building sector. Egis Projects has been in existence for almost 20 years now. At that time, the company was formed as a subsidiary of the publicly owned French motorway concession companies.

“In France, most motorways were operated by concession companies,” says Mr Joosten. “They took care of all operating and maintenance tasks as well as expanding the network. It was via Egis Projects that they decided to export their know-how.”

Altogether, the Egis-Group has a staff of 12,000 and achieves an annual turnover of around 857 million EUR. For 2015, the group aims at revenues of around 1.2 billion EUR. Egis Groups is owned by Caisse des Dépôts (75%) and by the employees (25%).

Egis Projects achieves an annual turnover of around 146 million EUR and has a staff of 150. The company runs 28 branch offices, mainly companies operating motorways. In the coming years, Egis Projects will continue to operate motorways across the globe. New target markets will be Africa and Asia.

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