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The ever-growing traffic volumes present a major problem for all parties involved, and the volumes keep growing. Fighting congestion and preventing traffic jams is the challenge for the future, a challenge readily met by InTraffic BV, a Dutch company specialised in finding innovative solutions for improving traffic and ensuring safe, efficient and durable mobility.

“We develop, implement and maintain intelligent management and information systems for safe and efficient traffic,” says Managing Director Jan Koers. “Initially we specialised in developing management systems for railway traffic. Today we provide solutions for all types of traffic on the road, on rails and on waterways.”

Established less than a decade ago, InTraffic has experienced ongoing growth, as the staff figures well illustrate.

“In 2003 we started out with a staff of 60. Today we have 120, and we plan to expand this figure to about 150 to 160 in the coming years,” underlines Mr. Koers. “Our success is based on the combined competence in traffic and IT and on a wealth of hands-on experience.”

Indeed, InTraffic is soundly based on decades of expertise. The company is the result of a joint venture of the IT company ICT Automatisering NV and the engineering company Movares.

“Backed by the know-how of the parent companies, we have kept coming up with innovative solutions that are workable, practical and realistic, innovations from daily practice,” Mr. Koers points out.

Today, InTraffic provides traffic management and traffic information systems, as well as infrastructure monitoring systems for railways, tunnels, bridges and floodgates, ensuring safe functioning especially in case of emergencies. In addition to quality testing and auditing, InTraffic services cover the whole life cycle of the systems from planning and engineering through to maintenance and updating.

“We have the complete overview over all systems,” explains Mr. Koers. “So we are asked as a consultant by many parties, and we come in where multiple parties are involved in complex projects. We act as chain integrators, and clients rely on us to solve any traffic problem.”

“Our solutions are fully in line with the project ‘Make better use of’, initiated by the Ministry of Infrastructure,” says Marketing Manager Erik Geensen. “Instead of planning new roads and new railways, we should make better use of the current infrastructure, and we are very active in that.”

In close cooperation with universities, InTraffic keeps developing new solutions for ‘making better use,’ such as dynamic passenger information systems in public transport. Trend Monitor is an application for efficient maintenance management of missioncritical systems to keep traffic moving.

The ‘green wave’ is a solution for railways, a pioneering achievement that greatly reduces waiting times and energy consumption. Focusing exclusively on the domestic market, InTraffic is well prepared to be an innovative force in future, too. “We owe our success to our dedicated staff,” Mr. Koers points out. “They are proud of contributing to efficient mobility, and we give them every opportunity to develop their own talents in inspiring assignments.

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