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Flexibility is the major advantage of small companies, and LP Logistic GmbH is an excellent example OF this special strength. With a staff of three, the German logistics specialist is a competent and flexible partner for transporting goods that require a special solution.

“We are an independent logistics provider,” says Rolf Härzer, managing partner of LP Logistic. “Thus, we are able to find the very best solution for each individual customer.”

In 2008, Mr. Härzer and Uwe Quednau founded the company with the idea of providing special solutions with a small company, the latest logistics systems and an efficient network of competent partners.

Today, LP Logistic ensures the reliable point-to-point transport of demanding goods such as components for power plants, interior fittings, refrigerated goods or translucent roofs for cars.

“At present we realise 300 transports a month, 70% of which goes to Eastern Europe. ” LP Logistic is well prepared for future growth. “We are on the right track. For 2013, we plan to increase the turnover of 1.5 million EUR, to add another employee and to achieve the AEO certificate.”

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