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Logistics performance is defined by quality and efficiency. Since its foundation in 1998, Partner Logistics Bergen op Zoom B.V. has been living up to its name and has become the partner of choice for logistics-related activities. For a growing number of companies in the food industry, the company provides efficiency and quality in warehousing. In fact, Partner Logistics has turned into a unique solution provider when it comes to operating highly automated warehouse facilities developed by in-house specialists.

Huge shelves providing enough capacity for 170,000 pallets await the customer at Partner Logistics’s state-of-the-art warehouse facilities in Bergen op Zoom. Here, frozen food and other items are stored for a limited period of time before they are sent to their final destination.

“We operate six automated warehouses in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK, all boasting the latest standards in warehousing,” says Commercial Director Eelco Schnabel, who has been working for Partner Logistics since 2012. “Logistics is a dynamic cosmos, and, literally, it never stands still. We are active in the food sector, providing added value by supplying efficient storage area for our customers’ products.”

Partner Logistics’s first fully automated warehouse was opened in 2002 as the result of a tender initiated by an US-based business that supplied potato products to McDonald’s, KFC and others. “Lamb Weston was looking for central storage facilities. We won its tender and started building our first warehouse with space for 65,000 pallets in Bergen op Zoom, in close vicinity to Lamb Weston’s production plant.”

Soon, another automated warehouse for Oerlemans opened its doors in Waalwijk, and in 2009 a third site for Refresco went into operation, which was built next to the customer’s factory plant. “Expansion in Belgium and in the UK were high on our agenda, and we erected warehouses for specific customers,” says Mr. Schnabel. “However, we have become a multi-customer warehouse provider, and at our Bergen site, we store goods for a number of different customers.”

The key focus is on the food sector, and here in particular on frozen storage. Partner Logistics is looking for expansion in this segment because it has the know-how, the expertise and the appropriate networks. “All our warehouse sites are developed and subsequently built and man-aged by our own people,” stresses Mr. Schnabel. “We can fall back on concept developers, software engineers as well as trained staff for construction, maintenance and technical support. On-site development is a continuous improvement process and includes the implementation of new customer requirements. When customers want their own warehouse for frozen goods, we can offer support from the beginning up to the end.”

Partner Logistics deploys a total logistics concept with quality and efficiency as key words. “Quality and efficiency in our huge automated warehouses are considerably higher than at the sites of our competitors,” adds Mr. Schnabel. “Standardized procedures, central management, the handling of large volumes – these are the advantages of our facilities.”

The main focus of Partner Logistics is still on warehouse activities, but due to cooperations with partners, the logistics expert is able to offer the distribution of goods, making it a one-stop service provider. “We are the long-term partner of our customers, aiming to improve quality and efficiency of their supply chains at any time. This is why we constantly strive to improve and optimize our sites,” says Mr. Schnabel. “In the future, the demand for automated warehousing solutions will grow, and we will be there to assist.

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